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Eggland’s Best is one of the worst when it comes to the way its egg suppliers abuse millions of hens. As this new Mercy For Animals investigation shows, egg-laying hens are crammed for nearly their entire lives in cages so small the birds are unable even to walk without stepping on other birds. Dead birds rot in cages with hens still laying eggs destined for the country’s breakfast plates, and workers violently rip birds out of cages and throw them into trash cans to be cruelly gassed to death.
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Dear Eggland’s Best:

Please commit to making 100 percent of the eggs and egg products you sell cage-free.

I just saw video footage of horrific animal abuse at one of your egg suppliers—Briarwood Farms. What I saw made me sick to my stomach: hens suffering from open wounds, bleeding prolapses, and extreme feather loss; dead birds rotting in cages with live birds still laying eggs for human consumption; and hundreds of thousands of hens crammed for nearly their entire lives in wire cages so small the animals could barely move.

The disgusting animal abuse documented at this egg factory farm is the stuff of nightmares.

Confining hens in cages is so cruel that California and Michigan have banned the practice. Massachusetts and Rhode Island are considering similar bans.

Additionally, leading food retailers, including Walmart, Kroger, Albertsons, Safeway, Costco, and Target, and more than 100 other food companies have pledged to switch to cage-free eggs. Restaurants such as McDonald’s, Burger King, and Subway have also demanded their egg suppliers stop cramming hens into cages.

Even many of your own competitors, including Rembrandt, are going cage-free. When will Eggland’s Best stop torturing these poor birds and pledge to go 100 percent cage-free too?

The further Eggland’s Best falls behind on this issue, the more it looks like your company condones blatant animal abuse.


Thank you for speaking up for the animals!
Here are some more actions you can take to help animals right now:
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Cruelty and Neglect at Eggland’s Best

Stuffed in Cages

Thousands of hens crammed inside cages so small the birds can’t freely walk, spread their wings, or rest comfortably

Trapped and Trampled

Birds trapped in cage wire or under feed troughs, trampled by their cage mates and unable to reach food and water

Rotting Corpses

Dead hens rotted beyond recognition left in cages with hens still laying eggs for human consumption

Lack of Care

Birds with swollen eyes, bleeding prolapses, extreme feather loss, and other serious afflictions denied proper veterinary care

Explore the Hidden Lives of Hens
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